The Adventure Begins


Step number one – get the hell out of Dodge. As a single, wannabe badass, soon to be globe trotter, I started my journey with the basics.

Just to see if it was doable, I listed my apartment on Airbnb. Turns out, my place is pretty cute – or I drastically underestimated the price humans would pay to stay in my city. I have so many bookings that I cant actually go home for days. First world, single girl problems.

Unfortunately, I’m not actually allowed to sublet my place so everyone that’s shacking up at my place is now a cousin of a cousin of a cousin when my landlord asks. They say you can’t choose your family. I call horse shit. People are paying to be my family these days… poor bastards :p

I have $26 in my bank account, a quarter tank of gas, four lemons and a pack of gum. It’s go time.

I packed a bag, grabbed my punk rock cds, hopped in the car, opened the sunroof and hit the highway. See ya next week, Calgary.

I’ve also started making a list of companies I can contact for sponsorship, endorsement and support so that I can make this crazy travel dream a reality.

So far, I’ve got my mom backing me (and by “supporting” me, I mean I haven’t actually told her yet so she’s not not supporting me…) things are lookin up folks.

Adventure number 1: Kicking Horse coffee, skinny dipping in glacier water, sleeping under the starts half way up a mountain and an entire package of AAA batteries.

Coming up:

Get a trailer – for free

Get a truck – for free

Get a large blog following base

Sleep on a beach

Sell Broke Girl shit

Try not to die

See. Being badass is totally worth it.


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